Christ in all the Books in the Bible

John H. Walker

Christ in all the Books in the Bible aims to give every Bible student a guide on how each book of the Bible points to Christ.

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John H. Walker

Pastor Walker graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Moreover, he earned a master’s degree in social work from the School of Social Work in Wayne State University.



Religious Deceivers: 2 John 1:7

“For many deceivers are entered… Tuesday, 06 Jun, 2017

Gospel Message: 1 Timothy 1:15

  “This is a faithful… Saturday, 20 May, 2017

Motivation in Service: Ephesians 6:6

  “Not with eyeservice, as… Friday, 12 May, 2017

Plan of Salvation: Ephesians 1:7

    “In whom we… Wednesday, 10 May, 2017